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If you could verify all critical case elements in under a second, would you do it?

The AutoGov government verification solutions are designed by experts to support faster, more accurate decisions assuring improved quality and reduced improper payments. Combining quality data with predictive analytics and simple implementation steps ensures state administrators have the best eligibility decision support tools available today!

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What is AutoGovWS?

State governments are under pressure to decrease spending while many government programs are expanding concomitantly. AutoGov's government-focused data fusion web service is an effective solution for states looking to dramatically improve their workflow. AutoGov Web Service uses predictive analytics to measure substantive details and in real time, predict the likelihood of program eligibility. The software captures patient information, fuses hundreds of pieces of data from trusted sources, and then delivers fast, accurate eligibility decision support via desktop or tablet in seconds.

The AutoGov solution is simple and easy to integrate, fast and accurate, already tested, immediately deliverable, and cost effective. AutoGov has provided eligibility determination services to state Medicaid programs in California, Colorado, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas.

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Web Services List:

This comprehensive integrated solution combines high quality data verification, predictive analytics and user-friendly interfaces. Our scoring solutions provide ongoing monitoring activities to ensure program quality.


Case information is verified to ensure all data elements are tested: identity, residency, citizenship, income and assets. The solution is designed to meet the needs of any government program by including any or all elements.


AutoGov provides caseload scrubbing services to ensure active cases are accurate and verifiable. Scrubbing services can provide critical insight into case elements such as deceased clients (remaining on the caseload), citizenship, earned income or banking assets.


Our team has deep experience in the management of government-run eligibility programs, expertise from the analysis of more than 35,000,000 cases and the best analytic toolsets available. Combined, these tools inform custom analytics projects to support our government clients.

Verifiable Data Elements

Why is AutoGov's Web Service an important solution for state government? Because each state must comply with federal and state regulation in order to obtain funding for their programs.

Regulation such as the Deficit Reduction Act (DRA) and Social Security Act (SSA) § 1940 impacts how state agencies declare residents eligible for assistance. The DRA requires individuals approved for assistance be U.S. citizens or U.S. nationals. The SSA § 1940 requires each state to provide an Asset Verification System (AVS) for purposes of determining eligibility in long term care. States are compelled to prove verification of crucial elements like identity, residency, citizenship, income, and assets.

These critical components are embedded into AutoGov Web Service:


Resolving identity and the client's SSN is fundamental to all program eligibility. Each state is mandated to authenticate proof of citizenship, nationality, and identity.


Most programs require residency in the state or locality be verified. In order to receive assistance, certain state-specific eligibility requirements must be met.


Our data builds on the resolution of identity to ensure citizenship of the applicant. Each state is required by law to verify both citizenship and identity.


Income verification has emerged as the most critical element for verification.


Asset verification (checking, savings, insurance, property, etc.) is still critical in some programs.

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AutoGovWS Benefits
easeAll of our solutions can be implemented in less than 60 days and many of them in less than a month. These tools are software as a service meaning little to no system integration.
Data Quality
qualityAutoGov partners with the best and most innovative data providers to ensure our solutions are statistically accurate and verifiable.
securityAutoGov has handled the processing, transfer and analysis of 35,000,000 cases without one breach of security or privacy. Our data center is world class and compliant with government requirements.

Need to see a real world application of AutoGov_WS?

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