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See how our Big Data, analytics-driven software delivers the best eligibility-verification solutions in the market today.

Whether in support of healthcare providers, government administrators, health insurers or individuals, AutoGov products provide the best validation and verification services - all at a fair price to ensure the client’s return on investment is high. Our software fuses information to verify identity, residency, citizenship, income and all types of assets - displayed on your device in less than a second.

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Full-Service Verification Web App

Healthcare providers are assuming enormous financial risk today. Our verification services help our clients avoid very poor, expensive admission decisions by providing instant information about identity, residency, citizenship, income and assets in a fraction of a second.

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AutoGov Analytics in your Government App or Program

AutoGov delivers high-quality data to government clients to support eligibility decisions through instant verification of identity, residency, citizenship, income and assets. Our Software as a Service solution operates in our secure facilities and is delivered in a small, manageable packet via webservice.

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