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Over the last ten years, advances in technology are responsible for transforming the way providers care for their patients. State governments look to technology to increase efficiency and improve utilization of tax payer dollars and federal resources. Commercial businesses and the general public look to big data to sharpen and improve their capabilities. Customers in each sector of the market benefit from the guidance, assistance, and proficiency of AutoGov big data analytics.


A health care provider is an individual or an institution that provides preventive, curative, promotional, or rehabilitative health care services in a systematic way to individuals, families or communities.

AutoGov's smart software solutions are currently utilized in the Acute Care and Nursing Home Long Term Care setting. We provide time-sensitive Medicaid Eligibility information to our partners across the country.


AutoGov State Map

AutoGov's government-focused data fusion software is the most efficient and effective solution for states to implement. AutoGov leverages the capabilities of decades of eligibility experience with the knowledge gained from the analysis of more than 30 million Medicaid cases.

The market for these services is expanding significantly as state governments face increased pressure from tightening Medicaid access at the federal government level. AutoGov provides software as a service (SaaS) via web service for government clients. Our software is used by government agencies in support of their business process to dramatically improve workflow. The software captures patient information, fuses hundreds of pieces of data from trusted sources, and then delivers fast, accurate eligibility decision support via desktop or tablet in seconds.

The AutoGov solution is simple and easy to integrate, fast and accurate, already tested, immediately deliverable, and cost effective. AutoGov has provided eligibility determination services to state Medicaid programs in California, Colorado, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas. The company is fully compliant with HIPAA and FCRA regulations.


"The Public is the people and society of a nation or community, or the whole of mankind."

In the future, AutoGov would like to develop solutions for the general public. Our vision is to utilize our predictive modeling within a tool that will help Joe or Jill Public discover the likelihood that he or she will be approved by Medicaid. As the healthcare horizon continues to distort and diversify, we believe our peers will need help understanding where they "fit" into the system.

public sector

commercail sector

Common designations for classes of customers are residential, industrial, and commercial. Commercial customers are not involved in manufacturing. Examples of commercial customers are retail stores, restaurants and educational institutions.

AutoGov utilizes big data when risk scoring Medicaid eligibility cases. Lines of code and pieces of data can be drafted into reports for our commercial partners.

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