Squeezing the Juice out of Florida Long Term Care Providers

Randy Floyd

Florida Gov. Rick Scott is one of many state governors requiring state agencies to hammer out ways to achieve significant cost savings over the next year. 

The State of Florida is looking for ways to cut almost half a billion dollars from its Medicaid budget with the nursing home industry expected to shoulder an astonishing $274 million in reductions.  Of course, finding these cutbacks is an enormous challenge.  Where will they come from?

A likely scenario is for the state to increase the scrutiny applied to Medicaid applications.  Several states have already begun to implement advanced data analytics software designed specifically to tighten the process of examining submissions for Medicaid reimbursement to long term care providers. 

At the federal level, the squeeze is about to become even tighter.

Under Section 1940 of the Social Security Act, each state is required to have an Asset Verification System (AVS) in place by the end of 2013 to verify the assets of Medicaid applicants who are aged, blind, or disabled.  States who fail to verify assets will have their federal financial participation (FFP) withheld. 

And what about long term care providers who currently don’t have the same access to advanced analytic tools and AVS systems?  The implication is clear.

Start preparing now before it is too late.

Resources For Finding an Assisted Living Facility

Cherish Morgan

                The search for the perfect Assisted Living facility for your loved one can be time consuming and confusing. With so many options, it’s hard to know where to start or how to begin to narrow down the search. There are many resources on the web for you to be able to check out and do research. We have gathered 3 websites that have important information to be able to make this process easier for you.

Memberofthefamily.net - http://www.memberofthefamily.net/

This website offers a rating system of 16,000+ Medicare/Medicaid- certified nursing homes across the United States. You can also look at a national watch list they have compiled. This can help you build a list of possible facilities and know which ones you should steer clear of.

AARP- http://aarp.us/wl1QsR

AARP is a valuable and respected site for senior citizens. The link above will take you to an article on “The “Do’s” of Due Diligence” concerning choosing a nursing home. Before you start the nursing home selection process, you should know what it is you are looking for and how to find it.

Medicare.gov - http://1.usa.gov/zuWwn4

Medicare.gov has compiled a detailed check list for you to be able to take it with you on your assisted living search. It offers questions to ask, reminders of what to look for, a detailed area for recording information gathered, and a rating system.


Hopefully these websites answer any questions you may have on choosing the best assisted living facility and make the process less confusing and less time consuming.




A Life Under Medicaid

Gregg Phillips

This video is a touching story of a 94 year old former nurse aid who has come to love the "family" she has found in her nursing home.

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