AutoGov at the University of Alabama's Business Analytics Symposium

Taylor Phillips

AutoGov founder Gregg Phillips had the distinct pleasure of speaking at the 2012 Business Analytics Symposium hosted by the IBA, Institute of Business Analytics, at the University of Alabama. 

Official "about" from the Symposium website:

The Business Analytics Symposium is a two day event exploring the diverse landscape of analytics in business.  World-renowned experts in the fields of statistics, data mining, analytics, and business attend. 

In addition to many excellent presentations and discussions, guests have the opportunity to interview and get to know University of Alabama students pursuing graduate degrees in Statistics, Business Analytics, and Economics. 

In addition to meeting the up and coming talent, guests have the opportunity to network with seasoned colleagues.  Many of our partners will take part in an exhibition  following day one of the event where you will have the opportunity to learn about how they use analytics .

Past speakers include Bill Kahn of Traveler's insurance, Lan Guan of Accenture, Kevin Busby of Capital One, Sundar Dorai-Raj of Google, Gene Grabowski of Ford, Collen McCue of Geoeye Analytics, and Tom Bohannon of SAS.

Lean more here:

Here are a few of our twitter highlights during Gregg's speech:

Is Social Networking Important?

Taylor Phillips

We recently have been having discussions about the importance of social networking. Should it dictate our time and effort to reach out to people? With its prevalence in everyday society, can it actually be a business tool or just a way to show how awesome my dog is?

                       Exhibit A.

Now more than ever people are using the internet and its many social networks to communicate, grow, and learn. The following are examples of the sheer volume of people that use them. Check out these videos...

Can BILLIONS of people be wrong?



All Social Media Collectively


AutoGov Films: Joe the Caseworker

Taylor Phillips

We are happy to finally announce that our long running "Joe the Caseworker" video has finally made its way to YouTube. Please watch and share our first of many video's to come.

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Data Mining: The Tool of the Information Age

Taylor Phillips

In this Stanford produced webinar, you will learn how to explore, analyze, and leverage data sets of any scale in this 60-minute webinar with Google's Search Scientist and Stanford Instructor Dr. Rajan Patel.  The content is a little technical but offers insight into the science behind dating mining and the reasons why data mining and analytics are the tools of the information age.

Ten Data Mining Mistakes to Avoid

Taylor Phillips

John Elder presents an excellent tutorial in this top ten (actually 11!) list. Three mistakes that jump out at AutoGov's data mining team are those we learned of early in the development of CaseVue's model: 1) it is a mistake to proceed without data, 2) it is a mistake to extrapolate, and 3) it is a mistake to listen only to the data.

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