Pull Back the Curtain, a Spotlight on CaseVue

Solara Cochran

So what is CaseVue?

CaseVue employs predictive data analytics to provide its healthcare clients with a risk mitigation product designed to assist in Medicaid eligibility determination.  

In English please…

With CaseVue, you will be able decide whether or not to admit a patient who is Medicaid pending with just a touch of a button. Your write-offs will vanish and your census will increase.

CaseVue uses predictive modelling to assign each patient a risk score.  The CaseVue risk score predicts the probability that a patient will be approved by Medicaid.

Modelling?  What is predictive modelling?

Here's how Wikipedia defines Predictive Modelling: (Link)

Predictive modelling is the process by which a model is created or chosen to try to best predict the probability of an outcome.  In many cases the model is chosen on the basis of detection theory to try to guess the probability of an outcome given a set amount of input data, for example given an email determining how likely that it is spam.  

Examples of companies that effectively use Predictive Modelling in their markets; big box retailers similar to Target, Nordstrom's, and Best Buy, insurance companies when calculating premiums for motor vehicle, life, or health insurance, and meteorologist when predicting the weather.  Internet search engines use predictive modelling to discernibly predict everyone's every move.  

Looking for more information?  Go to www.CaseVue.com or call (866) 368-3753 for a product demonstration.

What is CaseVue?

Taylor Phillips

CaseVue is simply your admissions professionals best friend.

With CaseVue your facilities will dramatically increase the quantitative measures by which the admission decisions are made.  You will see a profound decrease in Medicaid write-offs and an increase in census as your operation becomes more efficient.

The CaseVue software is part of a comprehensive platform used by government agencies and healthcare providers to furnish decision support solutions with a base in predictive analytics (Big Data).  The software takes your patient applications, fuses hundreds of pieces of data from trusted sources, and provides your facilities with fast, accurate Medicaid eligibility support right to your desktop or tablet in seconds. 

Visit http://www.casevue.com

Call for a demo: 1-866-368-3753

States Required to Implement Medicaid Asset Verification System

Gregg Phillips

Federal law compels states to work with banks to check bank accounts for assets when applying for Medicaid long term care. 

The law is clear and unambiguous - states shall implement a system for verifying the existence and balances of checking and savings accounts owned by individuals applying to receive Medicaid benefits for long term care. 

The law, Section 1940 of the Social Security Act (http://www.ssa.gov/OP_Home/ssact/title19/1940.htm) compels the US Department of Health and Human Services to ensure all states have implemented a Medicaid Asset Verification System by September of 2013. The penalty for not installing an AVS solution could be the loss of all Medicaid funding. 

So far, states have been slow to implement the required AVS solution. Florida was first to install AVS with Maryland right on their heels. 

Pilots indicate there could be as high as 17% of Medicaid cases with undisclosed banking assets.

AutoGov is at the forefront of delivering an AVS solution in Maryland that is integrated with an existing eligibility support solution driven by big data analytics and verification solutions from the industry's most effective data providers. 

AutoGov Welcomes Solara Cochran to the Team

Taylor Phillips

AutoGov picks up a game changing healthcare executive, Solara Cochran, to lead its business development efforts.

Solara is experienced as both a provider and a healthcare executive with a with a Fortune Global 500 healthcare company.

AutoGov, an Austin based healthcare software company, has hired Solara Cochran to lead the company's nationwide business development team.

Solara Cochran is a natural leader who inspires enthusiasm and elicits greatness. She is the model of big business skill and execution coupled with small business ambition and dedication. Solara has worked within the health care industry since March of 2001. She currently sits on the Board of Directors for Atlas Home Health. Prior to joining AutoGov, Solara spent 2 1/2 years as the Administrator and sole Owner of Atlas Home Health. For 10 years Solara worked in Sales and Marketing as an Executive for Sanofi, a Fortune Global 500 multinational corporation.

"AutoGov is an innovator, a visionary, and an industry leader," said Cochran. "I'm honored to join such an impressive team of skilled professionals who passionately serve the medical community. I look forward to reaching an entirely new apex of success through nationwide implementation of our flagship risk management tool, CaseVue."

See more:  http://www.prweb.com/releases/prweb2013/3/prweb10495955.htm 

Connect with Solara...

Call her at 512-439-2900

Squeezing the Juice out of Florida Long Term Care Providers

Randy Floyd

Florida Gov. Rick Scott is one of many state governors requiring state agencies to hammer out ways to achieve significant cost savings over the next year. 

The State of Florida is looking for ways to cut almost half a billion dollars from its Medicaid budget with the nursing home industry expected to shoulder an astonishing $274 million in reductions.  Of course, finding these cutbacks is an enormous challenge.  Where will they come from?

A likely scenario is for the state to increase the scrutiny applied to Medicaid applications.  Several states have already begun to implement advanced data analytics software designed specifically to tighten the process of examining submissions for Medicaid reimbursement to long term care providers. 

At the federal level, the squeeze is about to become even tighter.

Under Section 1940 of the Social Security Act, each state is required to have an Asset Verification System (AVS) in place by the end of 2013 to verify the assets of Medicaid applicants who are aged, blind, or disabled.  States who fail to verify assets will have their federal financial participation (FFP) withheld. 

And what about long term care providers who currently don’t have the same access to advanced analytic tools and AVS systems?  The implication is clear.

Start preparing now before it is too late.

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