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Taylor Phillips

Clean, flat, responsive.... Welcome to the new

Over the summer we here at AutoGov decided to give our company site and our collective assets a complete update. Over the years our site has been a collection of graphics and styles to fit our needs, and as we move forward, I wanted to bring it all under one banner. After reading the Google's Visual Asset Guidelines (Part 1, Part 2), we became motivated to look for our new style.

Our New Bones

There are many new ways of making quick and functioning sites. We decided to go with a design based from Twitter's Bootstap. This scaffolding allows for a rapid deployment for apps and sites.  We knew we wanted something clean and easy on the eye, we just needed a font that brought it

We also decided to go with a uniformed font , Open Sans, for the website, presentations, and documents.  We hope to use this font as much as possible, minus one exception, the logo. For our AutoGov logo we chose to go with Corbel.

Color Me New

One of the many things that needed to be updated was the color scheme that was being used for all of the assets that we would make available to our clients and the website. By following these guidelines we are able to easily pick the appropriate color for each instance. 

The colors were all chosen from a concept called Flat design. By limiting colors to a few simple choices, then using shades of that color, it appears to give the simple object depth.  Microsoft is using a version of this in its Metro theme used in designing Windows 8.

The Logo

Picking a color scheme was an important part updating the logo. We have been using about three different shades of blue for our logo and and an unknown amount of fonts to write out our name in the logo. So we took the our logo and made it all one color (#2980b9) and changed the font to Corbel.  

The visual comparison of our logos, is an easy way to see some of the changes that were made. By tightening up or look and sticking to a few simple principles, we were able to completely update all visual assets that belong to AutoGov.  Be sure to let us know what you think. Comment in the section below...

AutoGov Goodies

With all of this new things we wanted to share a few of our company backgrounds, font,  and random other things collected while building the site.

Click below to view bigger versions...

Desktop 1 Desktop 2
iPad iPhone

AutoGov Employee Gets Into Character

Taylor Phillips

In honor of The Hospice of Saint John, VP of Business Development Solara Cochran took on a whole new personality. Sunday May 19th, Solara volunteered as Alice (of Alice in Wonderland) for The Mad Hatter Tea Party and Fundraiser. All proceeds from the event went to support The Hospice of Saint John Foundation.

"Anyone who has faced terminal illness and welcomed Hospice into their lives knows how meaningful the work of these professionals can be. I know when my own Grandfather started slipping away after a battle with Dementia and Parkinson's. I was so relieved to learn that Hospice would be coming in to take care of him. He spent his final days in the comfort of his own home surrounded by family. We will be forever grateful for that time together." -Solara Cochran

The mission of the Hospice of Saint John is to provide alternative, supportive and loving care for the terminally ill and their families, with an emphasis on life and living. Care is provided regardless of the patient’s ability to pay. The hospice foundation is supported by generous donations from individuals and organizations throughout the community, as well as fund raisers like The Mad Hatter Tea Party.

What is hospice? Hospice provides a caring environment for the physical and emotional needs of terminally ill patients and their families in their homes, in nursing homes, in assisted living residences, or inside an in-patient facility.


Click here to learn more about the Hospice of St John 

Changes in Healthcare Means Limiting Freedom

Gregg Phillips

Healthcare providers have limited freedom to run their businesses due to rate cuts, price fixing and needless regulations.

AutoGov is a typical small software company. Our customers are healthcare providers such as nursing homes, hospitals and home health companies. We are entangled in the never ending struggle balance scarce resources against the needs of our customers to ensure high service levels are maintained while offering a disruptive product.

We are free to charge whatever we choose is the optimum price for CaseVue. We spend weeks analyzing our costs against feedback we receive from our customers. If we are right, the market rewards our decisions. If we are wrong, we are punished. But, they are always our decision.

Troubling trends have emerged for our customers, however. They are increasingly hamstrung by government sponsored price fixing - eliminating a key freedom that business leaders require to be successful. For many of these providers (aka businesses) the inability to set prices as they see fit requires doors to close, further limiting capacity in this $3 trillion industry.

We watch as politicians, faceless bureaucrats and and the well meaning healthcare advocates make decisions that ultimately stifle their ability to survive. The basic laws of supply and demand are ignored.

Price fixing and monopolies are always bad in free market economies.

Businesses, including healthcare businesses will fail. Hospitals and nursing homes will close. Home health providers will struggle to recruit quality care givers. Drug companies will discontinue key research.

Our customers are watching helplessly as decisions are made and rates are set, or rather fixed, that ensure their rights and freedoms to run their businesses are reduced or eliminated.

Fair warning to all involved, this will not end well.

We all deserve the opportunity to succeed.

The AutoGov Blog

Solara Cochran

At AutoGov, our purpose is to provide our clients with a comprehensive tool that makes their decisions easier and their processes more efficient and effective.  We are actively involved in Medicaid eligibility in both the private sector and state government.

Through this blog we will share informative articles, lists, tips, reviews, and sometimes best practices.  For starters, we will categorize our posts into one of the following five categories:

  • Long term care
  • Medicaid
  • Hospital and healthcare systems
  • Small business lifestyle
  • Healthcare predictive analytics

1.  Long Term Care is a topic near and dear to our hearts.  With blog posts in this category, we will share industry updates, best practices, and customer comments. 

2.  Our intention is to post updates and articles that affect our customers.  If we run across tips or best practices, we will do our best to share!

3.  Medicaid eligibility is a topic that touches every aspect of the patients care pathway or continuum.  The Affordable Care Act is causing industry-wide reorganization.  AutoGov will identify how we might assist healthcare systems with Medicaid eligibility.

4.  From time to time, the AutoGov leadership team will share their activities and organizational involvements.  A small business isn't just about products, it's about people.

5.  "Big Data" is the new hot topic.  Journalists love to write about how "Big Data" is making its way into healthcare.  We will share relevant stories about how data and analytics are impacting the industry.

Contact us if you want to know more about AutoGov, CaseVue, or a topic you found on the Blog!

AutoGov Supports Ali Craigo and Her Multiple Sclerosis Fundraiser

Taylor Phillips

In 2012 Ali Craigo was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Today Ali is a beautiful 25 year old fighting MS with every part of her being. Ali is so passionate about finding a cure that she put together a local fundraiser to give back to her community. 

"At AutoGov we jumped at the chance to donate to such a worthy cause. I wish we could find a cure for this amazing young lady!"
- Solara Cochran,
VP of Business Development & resident of Metro Denver.

For more information about the Rocky Mountain MS Center go to: 

For information on MS go to:

AutoGov Socially

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