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AutoGov doesn’t just talk about quality and integrity. We built our company around software that drives quality control and program integrity solutions. It is who we are.

AutoGov was founded by people with decades of experience in health and human services, technology, eligibility, statistics and predictive analytics. Dozens of experienced hands built CaseVue.

We have seen the frustrations of both caseworkers and patients who were bogged down by a broken review process. Caseworkers were routinely faced with making decisions based on too much, too little, or inaccurate information. Quick, quality decisions were almost impossible to deliver – and it was costing states and providers millions of dollars in wasted resources.

AutoGov’s solution was to create a system that fuses applicant case information together with hundreds of additional bits of publicly and privately sourced data, then uses predictive analytics to assess the presence of risk, quickly defines the likelihood of eligibility – and delivers answers to desktops of caseworkers – all in real time.

We called it CaseVue...and it was just the beginning.

Nine years and 40 million cases later, AutoGov has gone on to become the nation’s proven leader in eligibility and admission decision support. We are ready, willing, able, and excited to help you in any way we can.

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