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AutoGov's eligibility decision support tool helps in nursing homes and hospitals.

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AutoGov employs predictive data analytics to provide its healthcare clients with risk mitigation products designed to assist in Medicaid eligibility determination.

Healthcare organizations use our products to predict Medicaid Eligibility and assess the risk of non-approval for their current and potential patients. Because we base our risk scoring on the analysis of previous Medicaid cases, we've successfully saved our clients millions of dollars in patient write-offs.

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Strength in numbers, over 30 million Medicaid cases analyzed.

At AutoGov, we have been utilizing predictive modeling within the Medicaid arena since 2006. AutoGov built its business on the ability to collect, analyze, and risk score data.

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Across the nation, AutoGov helps people like you make real-time decisions.

AutoGov software solutions are simple and easy to integrate, fast and accurate, tested, immediately deliverable, and cost effective. Our most recent version of CaseVue was carefully crafted to reflect the requests of our clients.

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